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    The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide on Metallic Paper Boxes
    2020-08-27 16:07:31

    Metallic paper boxes are boxes with a shimmy look similar to foil stamping. They are popular in fields of cosmetics, wines, and gifts where brand owners desire a stylish and luxury feel. 

    What is metallic paper?

    Metallic paper is a white paper with a glossy metallic appearance of an aluminum foil. With a different finish and texture, it could look matte or glossy or 3D shimmy. 

    Metallic paper boxes VS hot foil stamping

    As metallic paper boxes give a foil stamping look, what makes them different? 

    Hot foil stamping needs a custom die to pressure the foil onto the paper. We usually use hot foil stamping on brand LOGOs, but we can use only one color for each stamping. So when it comes to more colors and more parts need foil stamping, the metallic paper could be used instead for better effect.

    With metallic paper, you don’t need a custom die-cut or heat. You can achieve a multi-color foil stamping look and tiny details that hot foil stamping hard to present. 

    Metallic paper is not only used in folding cardboard boxes but also suitable for paper tubes and rigid gift boxes. Here are some samples of custom printed metallic paper boxes: 

    Rigid Metallic Paper Boxes

    Folding Metallic Paper Boxes

    Metallic Paper Tube Boxes


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