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    FAQ on Custom Paper Tube Boxes Packaging
    2020-08-18 16:59:00

    1.  What is the custom dimension range? 

    We can custom paper tube boxes with a diameter of 2cm to 23cm. 23cm is the max diameter we are making. There are no limits on the length of the tubes. 

    2. What kind of paper tube boxes styles do you offer? 

    We focus on all kinds of customized tube boxes. Here are some of our hot-selling styles of custom paper tubes. 
    If you can't find your ideal styles on our website, feel free to contact us. 

    3. What parts of the tube boxes can be customzied? 

    Here are eight parts customized for your stylish paper tube boxes. 
    1) Dimension: ranging from 2cm to 23cm diameter with any size in length.
    2) Design: your branding design with your LOGO
    3) Material: coated paper, art paper, kraft paper, metallic paper, or even with leather or cloth surface, or with plastic PVC window on the body or the lid. 
    4) Lid type: paper lid, metal or plastic
    5) Inner treatment: white, black, craft or with foil layer laminated
    6) Surface finishing: hot foil stamping, matte lamination, UV vanishing, embossed
    7) Insert: plastic or EVA foam insert holder available at your choice

    4. How long can I get a custom sample?

    Generally, it takes 5-7 days for a custom paper tubes sample. We will confirm the details after receiving your request. 
    Pictures and videos will be sent to you via email at your request before delivery. 
    Courier delivery takes 3-5 days worldwide. 

    5. What is the MOQ?  Can I have lower MOQ if I have different SKU? 

    As there are fixed costs, such as machine start-up cost, plate and filming cost, exporting handling cost, so in general, we have a basic MOQ of 1000pcs. Quantity may differ if there are special requests, such as PVC window, EVA inserts, or metal lid, depending on the MOQ of these materials requested from our supplier. 
    Yes, the MOQ could be adjusted should you have different SKUs of the same size and material, depending on how we organize the production efficiently.


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